Annual ICOGA Ball

ICOGA Ball North America

The ICOGA Ball is the Annual National Conference of the Association. It is held annually and the Venue of the Ball is moved from State to State.

The ICOGA NA Business Meeting holds the 2nd Day of the ICOGA Ball Conference during the morning hours.

At this Meeting, all Alumnae are brought up to date with Information about the Association and our Alma Mater.

At this Meeting, the Association’s Financial Reports are presented to show the financial position of the Association and to discuss any other business touching the welfare and progress of ICOGA NA.

ICOGA NA  2024 ANNUAL BALL will be held in Phoenix, Arizona. Our 11th Annual Ball and Fund-raising event is hosted by ICOGA NA Arizona/California Chapter

Date: Saturday October 12th, 2024 @6pm

Event Ticket: $100.00( US dollar)

Dress code: Black-tie event

Sightseeing and Lunch  Friday October 11th @7am – 3pm

Sightseeing location: Grand Canyon

Dress Code: Ankara top on blue jeans (Ankara available at event site)

Meet and Greet on Friday October 11th @9:30pm – 11:00pm

Dress code: Lime Green top on White bottom

Business Meeting Saturday October 12th @9:00am – 2:00pm

Venue: Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix Airport, 3422E Elwood St. Phoenix AZ 85040.

Phone #: 602-470-0500

Dress Code: ICOGA NA, T-shirt on Pants

Registration : $100 USD

To register for these event & purchase tickets, please use the link below: Event Registration:

Payments for the ball event tickets, and Sightseeing event, can also be made via Zelle using the following information: [email protected](Please do not forget to indicate what the money/ payment is for. All payments in American dollar)