Our Vision

Providing continued value to the Idia College Queenly Experience through serving, advocating, strengthening,
and promoting a spirit of Unity and Loyalty among its Alumnae, Alma Mater and Community.


Queens at the 2016 ICOGANA Ball in Boston
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  • Our Mission is to mobilize the power of Alumnae for positive change: to strengthen a lifelong spirit of belonging and pride, to improve standard of learning, and to help alumnae better achieve their goals. The Old Girls/Alumni Association will advocate for the School with a credible, independent and collaborative Voice.
    We aim to be a prominent and respected Association whose members make meaningful contributions to her alma mater and to each other.


  • Connect, Network, and Empower Alumnae in their common areas of Success and Achievements
  • Support Idia College Benin City and make continuous contributions that are of immediate and enduring value to preserve her Legacy.
To Achieve Our Vision, Mission and Goals:
  1. We will keep alive among members, interest in the welfare of Idia College and solicit support from members for our Alma Mater in every way possible.
  2. We will establish a climate of Openness, Honor, Mutual respect, and Teamwork.
  3. We will establish Order, Structure and a regulated Code of Conduct with consequences for breach.
  4. We will assist in furthering the Philosophy, Aims and Objectives of Idia College
  5. We will assist with the planning and organization of Reunions
  6. We will engage Alumnae and Students through the continuation of tradition and pride
  7. We will inform our Alumnae and Friends of the progress, achievements and needs of Idia College and provide opportunities for them to contribute to her Welfare.
  8. We will organize Events including raising Funds to finance any or all of the objectives of the Association.
  9. We will encourage academic excellence by assisting Students, Teachers, and Staff to develop innovative projects and continuing education
  10. We will gather and generate Funds for the purposes of making gifts and/or donations to Idia College for Compensation, Scholarships and Awards to Outstanding and exemplary Students, and Benefits for the talented and dedicated Teachers.
  11. We will do all other things as may be considered necessary particularly in the interest of the College, Association, the Community and Humanity.


Digging it at the 2016 ICOGANA Ball
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