Executive Officers

ICOGA North America National Executive Officers

Queen Stella Igbinedion


(Nee Obazee)

Queen Susan Adeleye


(Nee Ikhine)

Queen Isuan Owens


(Nee Eboreime)

Leadership Transfer Policy

Leadership will be transferred through a regular, organized rotation of Officers as this is critical to the long-term sustainability of the Association. 
Charismatic Leaders come and go, and it is important that the Association is not dominated 
by one or two individuals who would leave a huge gap if they eventually move on in life.
The Association will have specified set of key Officers with established executive positions including a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.
We have put in place an established process and timeline for the nomination and election of Association Officers 
which will ensure a smooth transfer of leadership.
We will hold regular elections and encourage new or young members with fresh ideas, 
to continually breathe new life with vigor into the Association.