The Portrait of ICOGA

The Snippets of The Portrait of ICOGA NA is a Glimpse at some Treasury of Professions that Idia College has turned out. It does not in any way represent the entirety of our Whole image. It is a minute part of our working document.

Idia College has given each and every one of us the proper orientation to significantly occupy various aspects of our lives, positively influence it and add value.

We socially network with ourselves with the intent of empowering one another in our diverse areas of Professions, Success and Achievements in life
We are building a healthy and supportive ICOGA NA Community where we can comfortably mobilize and reach out to one another.

We have a Constitution that binds us.
We operate as a Registered Non-Profit Organization under the 501(C)(3).

As an Association, we are governed by Order and by Structure
Every Community has Rules and Regulations
Every Community has a Head
Every Community has Standards of Behavior
Every Community has its Codes of Conduct; and consequences for breach
Every Community has Privileges and Benefits

ICOGA NA is no different.

We are passionate about our alma mater
We believe in our Legacy
We believe in our Posterity-Walk
We have come to add value and not devalue
We are Assets. We are not Liabilities.

Believe in us and support our Cause

Our Call is a clarion call to Honor, to Power, to Connect, to Network, and to join the Bandwagon of a Hope and a Future

Your Palace ranges from your place of Employment, to your Professions, to your Marriages, Families, and to your Relationships.
These and more, are all your areas of Influence that you can bring to bear to help your alma mater.

We impress upon your noble hearts here in the Diaspora and Worldwide, to use your spheres of Influence and your Offices to positively bring about a change in the State of Affairs of OUR PRIDE and ALMA MATER – Idia College Benin City.