We do not want to bask in past Glory alone.

THE GLORY OF IDIA COLLEGE at its Foundation in January 1973 MUST LIVE ON.

ITS Legacy MUST BE embossed and passed on indefinitely to generations.

THE PORTRAIT OF ICOGA: Intelligent Students in different spheres of Professions and walks of Life

We have a Vault of Resources.

-Therefore –

  1. Connect and Network: Connect and Network every viable Resource
  2. Influence: Bring every area of Influence to bear in Cash and in Kind
  3. Support: Support all ICOGA NA noble effort by Giving in Cash, Kind, Time, or Resources
  4. Passion: Be passionate about our Alma Mater
  5. Believe: Believe in our Legacy and our Posterity Work
  6. Unity: Safeguard the ICOGA Identity, Motto, and Core Values. Stand as One Body. Remain as an inseparable Whole. ICOGA must be unbreakable.
  7. We are Assets. We are not Liabilities
  8. Add Value. Do not De-value